Our Story...

We, as Balloon Adventures Prague, have been writing our story since 2016. Our experience, though, in the field of ballooning, has been counting for the past 28 years...

Welcome on board!

My name is Jan Suchy and I am the owner and founder of Balloon Adventures Prague.

What made me start the business? It was definitely my passion for ballooning as well as my interest in the international environment. Why not to provide a lifetime experience to the visitors of Prague?

I have grown up around balloons. My parents have been involved with ballooning ever since I was born. My dad, Michael, took me for the first flight when I was 3 years old. Balloon pilot's license came in at the age of 19 and by now I have gained over 800 hours on hot-air balloons. And my mom? She still works for the manufacturer and actually sews the balloons!

When I moved to Prague to study at the university I knew I want to have my own ballooning company and adjust the service the way I feel it is right. And I did. I was lucky enough to put together a group of friends around me. With the same enthusiasm and passion, we have built a company which is now the leader on the ballooning market for international clients. We are very proud and happy to work for you.

Enjoy your flight!

Jan Suchy


Meet our dedicated team. We're here to make your Balloon Adventure unforgettable!

Jan Suchy

Pilot, Owner
I am your pilot and a proud owner of Balloon Adventures. In 2018 I took 1st place at FAI Junior World Balloon Championship!

Michael Suchy

Pilot, Owner
All my life I have been involved in ballooning. I am Jan's father, instructor and a multiple national balloon champion.

Andrew Kostrhun

Ballooning has been my passion ever since I was born. Besides passenger tours I also fly at competitions!

Mirek Dostal

Pilot, Maintenance
Taking care of the equipment, that's what I do. I'm also building up my hours to fly with you soon.

Anna Krebsova

Bookings, Online Marketing
Have you seen our Instagram?! Well, that's my job. I hope it's inspiring!


Because ballooning is not just our job...

Fly with the Champion!

In 2018 we have participated at the 4th Junior World Hot-Air Balloon Championship in Poland. Our pilot Jan has taken the 1st place, beating the current World Champion, leaving a fied of 48 other pilots behind, and bringing the first FAI medal for ballooning to the Czech Republic.

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National record holders

On February 25, 2017 at 7:07 am local time, Jan and Andrew took off to the skies in the northern Bohemia to set a new national record. Within the unbeleivable next 10 hours, they crossed 3 countries and 3 major cities to cover a distance of 550 km. The landing of the Ricoh balloon was in Tazlar, Hungary, a little village close to the border with Serbia. They became the first Czechs to officially achieve such balloon flight.

Ranking 4th at Czech Nationals 2018

Czech National Balloon Championship 2018 was held in the eastern part of the country. Among 6 Czech pilots and 13 foreign pilots we have taken 4th place in overall ranking, 3rd among the Czechs. And yes, we filled up the trophy with beer...