Get ready for your Balloon Adventure!

Your package consists of a spectacular hot air balloon ride which can lasts around 1 hour in the air (can be shorter or longer depending on the current overall conditions), followed by a traditional champagne toast. You should plan to be with us for about 3-4 hours in total to allow for the travel to a launch location, safety briefing, flight itself as well as the return drive back to our original meeting location / hotel.

Please feel free to bring your camera, selfie stick, video camera, or binoculars as well as a case to protect them during landing.

Before the flight

On the contacts you have provided we will remind you of the flight 1 day ahead. We then send a "Flight status update" which may be provided as late as:

  • 14:00 o’clock on the day of your sunset flight, or
  • 22:00 o’clock on the day before your sunrise flight.

Hotel Departure

With the flight confirmation, you will also receive the exact pickup time.

Pickup timese differ during the season as they depend on the ever chaniging time of sunrise and sunset. You can see approximate pickup times here. Keep in mind, we will tell you the exact pickup time with the flight confirmation.

For the pickup, please, await our car outside the building.

Clothing instructions

Ballooning is an outdoor activity, we recommend to dress accordingly (skirts, suits or white clothing is not recommended).
Please make sure to wear solid shoes (no slippers, no high heels please), long pants, light jacket or a sweatshirt. The temperature in the air is about the same as it is on the ground.

Passenger limitations

Each passenger must be in a good physical condition to participate in a balloon flight.

All passengers must be able to climb in and out of the basket, stand for the entire flight, walk out of a field if necessary and keep in mind there always is a possibility of a rough landing.

We cannot fly any passenger who has had a recent surgery, injuries, hip, back or knee problems, has any health concerns, physical limitations, is/or may be pregnant or has severe auditory restrictions.

Passengers under the influence of alcohol or other substances may not fly.

Children must be a minimum of 100 cm tall and accompanied by an adult.

If you are concerned with health or safety issues, please consult with your physician or call our office to discuss the individual situation.

Enjoy your flight!