Types of Flights

You can join a small group of fellow passengers or enjoy a private flight on your own. 

Join a small group of fellow passengers. Classic flights are scheduled daily with sunrise and sunset.
4 990 CZK (199 EUR) / person
Enjoy the moments of privacy with no one else on board! These exclusive flights are for groups of 2-4 passengers.
from 15 900 CZK (635 EUR)
Thinking of the most romantic way to propose to your future wife? How about in the skies of the Czech Republic.
16 900 CZK (675 EUR)
Larger groups can book 1, 2 or 3 balloons with the total capacity up to 32 passengers. Contact us if more capacity is needed.
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Teambuildings, corporate events, aerial advertising. You name it!
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      This is one of the most pleasant and wonderful experiences I have ever had. The entire trip is incredibly mellow and serine, almost therapeutic.

    For those of you who don't like heights....don't be afraid.
    The entire ride is incredibly solid and not for a split second did I feel afraid, or in any way worried. Everything from take off to landing was completely under control.

    The pilot, Jan, is not only an accomplished and professional flyer but friendly guide. As I understand it he is also the owner of the company, and has been flying his entire life.

    That said: Scheduling can be a bit of a hassle. Optimum weather conditions are necessary for this ride to move forward so re-scheduling and re-re-scheduling can occur. We were re-scheduled at least 3-4 times before we could go up.
    The trip is one hour long and it takes 45 minutes each way to and from the launch point. So figure a 3 hour block in the beginning / end of your day.

    I would not hesitate to do this trip again, it's simply an experience in life that should not be passed up.
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