Let's take a look at our service in detail.

Video footage

1. Welcome to our launch site

Once we pick you up at your hotel, you are transferred to our launch site near Chateau Konopiste. The shuttle takes around 40 minutes. Snacks and drinks are ready, so is our entire team and your balloon!

2. Take off!

Ready? We are about to lift off. Leave all the worries on the ground and prepare for the journey in the sky. The balloon will be in the air for about 1 hour. You will reach the altitude up to 3.000 feet as well as hover just above the tree tops.

3. Cheers and soft landings!

You will float away with the wind. Once the balloon lands there is one more thtings we never forget...

Flight Area

Château Konopiste & Franz Ferdinand

Our flight area is located about 40 minutes southeast of Prague, near Château Konopiste.

Château Konopiste has become famous as the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, whose assassination in Sarajevo triggered World War I. 

Almost everytime we float above the roofs of the chateau, trying to spot the bear they have been keeping for years.

Besides the castle, the entire area is in the heart of Central Bohemia offering beatiful views of the river meanders of Sazava, little lakes, meadows and much more...

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