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  •   This is one of the most pleasant and wonderful experiences I have ever had. The entire trip is incredibly mellow and serine, almost therapeutic.

    For those of you who don't like heights....don't be afraid.
    The entire ride is incredibly solid and not for a split second did I feel afraid, or in any way worried. Everything from take off to landing was completely under control.

    The pilot, Jan, is not only an accomplished and professional flyer but friendly guide. As I understand it he is also the owner of the company, and has been flying his entire life.

    That said: Scheduling can be a bit of a hassle. Optimum weather conditions are necessary for this ride to move forward so re-scheduling and re-re-scheduling can occur. We were re-scheduled at least 3-4 times before we could go up.
    The trip is one hour long and it takes 45 minutes each way to and from the launch point. So figure a 3 hour block in the beginning / end of your day.

    I would not hesitate to do this trip again, it's simply an experience in life that should not be passed up.
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  •   The communication with the company was excellent from as soon as the tour was booked and they accommodated us despite the weather meaning that the original tour date was cancelled.

    We were picked up by minibus from outside our apartment in Prague and driven to a rural area where the balloon was being inflated. When ready, we were invited to get in - which is a bit of a struggle - and we lifted off. The views over the countryside are amazing and we also went low to see the wildlife running through the woods and fields. Touchdown was incredibly light but exiting the balloon was a struggle due to the height of the basket and my lack of nimbleness.

    Once out, we were given champagne and a certificate and transported back to our accommodation.

    This is an expensive but worthwhile event - a one off experience. A couple of watchouts - do not attempt if you have mobility issues and be aware that the heat from the burner is intense.

  •   So wonderfull & proffessional adventure starting from travel from hotel to baloon place & adventure & returned to our hotel

    adnan a
  •   Fantastic experience! We spent quite a long time up in the air & every minute was worth it. Would definitely recommend! Great customer service to top it off as well.

    Deepanshu B
  •   Smooth communication, transportation and ride. Peaceful village and fields view.

    My wife and I enjoyed our first hot balloon ride. Jan prepared GoPro with a long sticker for pictures which is very helpful.

    Han Z
  •   Staff and organisations where perfect had no problems whatsoever. Its safe enjoyable and the views are just unbelievable. I asked my wife to be to marry me whilst on the ride and the service and help with making it extra special was just brilliant! If its somthing you want to do and your unsure it's worth every penny. Thanks to the team and the pilot for an unforgettable trip.
    P. S I paid extra to have the balloon to myself but if I wasn't getting engaged the normal balloon would have been just as amazing.

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Last week a special friend and I went on a balloon ride with the Balloon Adventure Prague. It was so much fun. We both went in with no idea of what to expect as we had never been on a balloon ride before. And I was worried with so many people in the basket it would feel cramped and uncomfortable. Was just the opposite. Each couple and group had their own little sectioned off area of the basket. The whole experience was amazing. We got to watch them inflate the balloon with large fans while we were served complimentary refreshments and snacks. Then when we went up in the balloon the views were amazing. Beautiful rolling hills and wheat fields as far as the eye can see. A gorgeous river, country towns and a castle. We saw wildlife as well. Deer, rabbits, eagles to name a few. Then at the end we were all a little apprehensive about the landing but the pilot did an amazing job and set the basket down perfectly. After we emptied the basket, we got a brief history lesson of the hot air balloon and all shared a glass of champagne to celebrate a successful flight. All in all, it was a great experience and I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t flown in a balloon before.

Matthew F.July 30, 2019 - E-mail review

Michael' our pilot was awesome. Safety was his main concern. He gave us a great narrative as to where we were and answered all of our questions. He pointed out animals along the way such as deer, rabbits, horses and cows and occasionally hogs. We highly recommend Balloon Adventures.

Marie EvansJuly 1, 2019 - Facebook

It was amazing!! A+++ services and a very nice team. They made my day! I would definitely recommend them and If I would ever have the chance to fly with them again...I will do it! The team is 1000% dedicated to what they do and they make you feel comfy in every moment. Thank you for the most amazing birthday in my life!

Alexandra MariaSeptember 9, 2018 - Facebook

Yes, we love what we do! Thank you for flying with us!

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