Behind the scenes of a Flight Coordinator


From daily life of a Balloon Adventurer – Flight coordinator…

Have you ever wondered what is your primary contact of Balloon Adventures doing the whole day? Probably nothing special, sitting in front of a computer, replying to all customer e-mails and having siesta in the office all-day long. Oh, yes, that would be a dream job for everyone, right?

But actually, it can be sometimes difficult, sometimes fun, sometimes really relaxed. Every day is different and that makes it really adventurous! In the end, we are Balloon Adventures.

In order to make you fly I am in constant contact with our pilots who are checking the weather forecasts to make our flying safe at all times.

Secondly, I am in touch with our helpers who drive with our balloon baskets to the launch site and back. They are super strong, and you see them around before hot-air balloon inflation and at the landing.

And thirdly, I am in touch with our transportation suppliers who take care of our pickups and are first person that you see when it comes to our service. Planning their route around Prague is also my task and they are informed about the pickup timing just a few minutes before you get it.

From time to time I can find also some time for flying – and trust me, I am really happy to meet you in person and see your happy faces. Who would not enjoy being on fresh air, admiring our beautiful Czech nature after hours spent behind the computer!

Ok and now let’s get to the fun part: Here are a few quotes that I sometimes get from either agencies or customers:

  • „Myself and my husband want to book a balloon ride next month. Will the weather be suitable by then?” Sure, let me take out my crystal ball and look into the future!
  • “Hi, my clients are not keen on getting up so early and they have dinner planned for the evening. Can we get scheduled for 10 am?” I would love to move the universe for you but balloon can only go out with the sunrise or sunset, trust me!
  • Can I go with white T-Shirt on the flight?” Yes, my love, just think it may get dirty…
  • „If I am not going to have telephone or internet access how do we communicate?” Well, then we don’t I guess. But what are the odds in the 21st century?
  • „…maybe if the Balloon pilot/engineer would organise to sing happy birthday up in the balloon” – Yep, let me note this for him, he will love that!

This much from my side for today – feel free to drop me your comment below or on our Facebook page that is now full of pictures from our amazing classic or private, sunrise or sunset flights. From time to time we do giveaways, so it is worth following us!

I hope to get in touch with you once you are planning your trip to Prague.

See you in our HOT-AIR BALLOON!