Chateau Konopiste

It is situated 40 km southeast from Prague. It is a National Cultural Monument today, formally served as kings and dukes residence with a huge park surrounding, which together with this area was always a welknown hunting area. A large collection of trophies you can see in the castle. Or better, let´s see some deers, stags, wild pigs from the air? Castle was founded in 1280. There is a largest Czech golf resort next to the Konopiste Castle. What a fun almost touch a spring of water from the fountain jet situated right in the golf area!

Bohemian Paradise – European Geopark

Bohemian Paradise belongs to one of our favourite locations to fly in the Czech Republic. We always choose one of our take off sites in the heart of the park to provide the best views of historical castle ruins, romantic chateaus, and rock creations. The park is located about 80 km (60 min) North of Prague. We will take you there from Prague and then back, included in your ticket price.

Castle of Karlstejn

Founded in midages (1348) by Roman Emperor and Bohemian king Charles IV. It is 30 km southwest from Prague in a protected landscape area. Formally it served as a treasury of crown jewels. It is one of the most visited monuments in Czech.

City of Cesky Krumlov

This is a UNESCO World heritage site and is the second most visited touristic attraction with almost 1,5 mil visitors per year. Hilly with beautiful nature along the meandring river of Vltava. Attractive castle on the rock in the very centre of the town. Sometimes in summer remains of fog are laying over the river, so attractive for your photographs!


Balloon flights directly from the Czech capital city of Prague are not very frequently performed due to air-law restrictions. Heavy duty International Airport is very close and wind direction and speed must be precise. Although the outer circle of the city is a bit boring, to fly over the historical centre is an unforgettable experience.