Pre-flight information


Balloon Adventures offers a number of flight types. Choose a very private option or standard flight with others on board. At the moment, both kinds of flights can be booked via our online form or by contacting our office directly.

How to prepare

Ballooning is an outdoor activity. There is no need to overdress, the temperature during the flight is the same as it is on the ground. Solid, flat footwear is essential (no high heels or slippers please). In case of medical issues, please contact our office. For safety reasons, pregnant women or persons with serious health issues may not fly.

Hotel transport

Your comfort is our priority. Our staff will pick you up in your hotel or a pick up location in Prague to bring you to the launch field where our balloon takes off. You will also be taken back to Prague afterwards.

Refreshments and balloon inflation

A snack and soft drinks are served at the launch site. Those of you interested in helping us with the balloon set up, you will be instructed by our ground crew. It is not a must and you can watch us do our work from the picnic table. It all takes about 20-30 minutes before we are off the ground.

During your flight

The pilot heats up the balloon and off the ground you go. Welcome in the air! Ballooning is very gentle, slow and romantic. At the same time, you are becoming part of the nature and travel between the tree-top level all the way up above the clouds. In the balloon basket, eveyone has a „window seat“, everyone breathes in the fresh air of the Czech countryside.

During your flight, you will be guided by your pilot about the scenery you are crossing. Let him show you the unknown and unique possibilities of a balloon flight. Our pilots are also there to take photos of you and to explain how the balloon works.

Photography in a balloon is must. Since we fly with the sunrise or sunset, the light will make your pictures extraordinary, no matter how much of a photographer you are.

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After flight

Traditional celebration

In accordance with the history, every balloon flight must be celebrated. Our pilot will tell you the story of the first aeronauts and explain why we always carry a bottle of champagne on board. After a toast you will receive the aeronaut’s certificate to hang it on a wall of your living room.

Aviator’s certificate

As mentioned above, Aviator’s certificate is part of the adventure. Although every aviator has it, each of them is unique. It is your personal memory of your flight and will commemorate your day with Balloon Adventures in the Czech Republic.

Transport back to hotel

This is where the adventure ends. Filled with memories and new experiences you will be taken back to Prague. We hope you enjoyed the adventure and your stay in Prague.